Newsletter or DEM?

Newsletter or DEM? What do you call them? Periodic communications to your customer or supplier database are the most useful proprietary tool you can activate to keep your audience warm. Interesting and curious topics, prompts, giveaways… But what’s the difference? Dem (Direct Email Marketing) unlike informational newsletters, have a purely commercial purpose and the specific […]

Firefly, Adobe’s AI innovation

Firefly, Adobe’s AI innovation We are all familiar with Photoshop, the Adobe package photo editing program. For years now, the program has been using artificial intelligence for functions such as Natural Filters or Content-Based Filling, but in recent months Adobe has taken significant steps forward. In fact, in the midst of the generative AI boom […]


Phishing Phishing As we all know, the online world is full of risks, and every day we have to pay close attention to possible threats that could affect our privacy. Phishing is one of the most well-known cyber threats, but at the same time the one we tend to fall for most easily. The goal […]


Engagement In the marketing world, we often hear about engagement as a key aspect to the success of a strategy or a certain product. What exactly is engagement? From the English “engagement” is a term that indicates the level of user involvement with respect to a company or brand. Through engagement, in fact, a bond […]

Funnel Marketing

Funnel Marketing If you are passionate about marketing, you have surely heard of the term funnel, but do you know what exactly it is? Funnel marketing is a process by which the path taken by the consumer in the process of purchasing a product or service is described and analyzed. This process can be divided […]

Growth Hacking 

Growth Hacking  Growth Hacking  Growth hacking is a marketing approach based on quick experimentation with communication levers and marketing channels to find the most efficient way to grow a business. The term growth hacking was coined by Sean Ellis, founder and CEO of Growth Hackers, in 2010. The goal of growth hacking strategies is generally […]


Blockchain The terms Blockchain is increasingly common in the innovation environment and often represents the technological model theater of many applications that we have probably already been using all these years, although without being aware of it. We have all heard of Blockchain, but do we know what the applications of this technology are? Well, […]